Indiana Wesleyan University Scholarships: How To Apply

Indiana Wesleyan University Scholarships: Investing in Your Future

Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) is a private Christian liberal arts institution located in Marion, Indiana. The university offers over 80 undergraduate and graduate programs, including online and on-campus options.
IWU is committed to providing affordable education to its students, and one way it does this is through offering scholarships to help students offset the cost of tuition. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Indiana Wesleyan University scholarships and what they offer to students.
Types of Scholarships Available at Indiana Wesleyan University
IWU offers various types of scholarships to its students, including:
Merit-Based Scholarships: IWU awards scholarships based on academic merit to incoming students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance. These scholarships are renewable for up to four years, and the amount varies depending on the academic achievements of the student.
Talent-Based Scholarships: IWU also offers scholarships to students who demonstrate exceptional talent in areas such as music, theater, or athletics. These scholarships are renewable for up to four years and are awarded based on the student’s performance and potential.
Need-Based Scholarships: IWU provides scholarships to students who demonstrate financial need. These scholarships are renewable for up to four years and are awarded based on the student’s financial situation.
Diversity Scholarships: IWU offers scholarships to students from diverse backgrounds. These scholarships are renewable for up to four years and are awarded based on the student’s background and achievements.

How to Apply for Scholarships at Indiana Wesleyan University

To apply for scholarships at IWU, students must first complete their application for admission. Once admitted, students can apply for scholarships through the university’s online scholarship portal at
Students can also submit additional scholarship applications for talent-based scholarships, such as music or theater scholarships.
To be considered for need-based scholarships, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form provides IWU with information about the student’s financial situation and helps the university determine the student’s eligibility for need-based scholarships.

Benefits of Scholarships at Indiana Wesleyan University

Scholarships can provide significant benefits to students attending Indiana Wesleyan University, including:
Lowering the Cost of Education: Scholarships can help offset the cost of tuition, making education more affordable for students and their families.
Opportunity to Focus on Education: By receiving scholarships, students can focus more on their studies and less on working to pay for their education.
Encouraging Academic and Personal Growth: Scholarships can provide students with the financial support they need to explore academic and personal interests and pursue their passions.
Recognition of Achievements: Scholarships recognize students for their academic, athletic, or artistic achievements, providing motivation and inspiration for continued growth and success.

Scholarship Requirements and Renewal

To maintain their scholarships, students must meet certain requirements, including maintaining a certain GPA, completing a specific number of credit hours each semester, and participating in specific activities or programs. The specific requirements vary depending on the type of scholarship awarded.
To renew their scholarships, students must apply each year and continue to meet the requirements for their specific scholarship. Students who fail to meet the requirements may lose their scholarships.


Indiana Wesleyan University scholarships provide valuable financial support for students pursuing higher education. Scholarships can help offset the cost of tuition and provide opportunities for academic and personal growth. IWU offers a variety of scholarships, including merit-based, need-based, talent-based, and diversity scholarships, allowing students from diverse backgrounds to receive financial assistance.
By maintaining their scholarships and meeting the requirements, students can continue to receive this valuable support throughout their college years. Applying for and receiving a scholarship from Indiana Wesley an University can make a significant difference in a student’s educational journey, and can lead to greater success and achievement.
It’s important to note that Indiana Wesleyan University is not the only institution that offers scholarships to students. Many other colleges and universities offer financial aid and scholarships to help students pay for their education. Students can research and apply for scholarships from various sources, including government agencies, private organizations, and foundations.

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